A Glow of Winter

These days after Christmas can be so gray. I find myself clinging to light, and any drop of color, even in muted tones, captures my attention. We're doing lots of window sill sitting when the cold keeps us inside. And I've been going slow here, working out our routines and creating steady days after the holiday break. I've been saying no to much more than the striving side of my personality is comfortable with, but its so so good to be able to fully embrace all I am saying yes to. One yes, that I enjoy and thrill at being a part of is this little podcast that you have all responded to and shared and embraced with such enthusiasm! What started as a whimsical idea to share our conversations with others has grown into a flourishing community that I am so thankful for.  It is really a delight for Sally and I to talk with you each week. 

If you've found January to be a little gray too, if you are on the hunt for beauty and light and conversation to inspire your heart, I'd love for you to join us! You can follow along with this link to our iTunes page and subscribe to the feed, or just play straight from your computer. 

Thankful for you and praying that whimsical dreams and prayers held in your heart come to fruition in time too,