Keeping Your Soul Alive So You Can Thrive {New Podcast Episode With Sally Clarkson}

"Oh please don't go! We'll eat you up- we love you so!" -Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

I can't get that line from the famous children's book out of my head today. The Wild Things made little Max come alive, they made him their king, and hung from trees and danced by firelight...but then they wouldn't let go and nearly ate him alive. Sometimes motherhood feels like that. Sometimes the things and people we love most can wear us thin. How can we keep our hearts and our heads focused on what really matters in the midst of it all?

The reality around my place this morning is that responsibilities are mounting and seem unending. I woke to dishes undone, a writing deadline that I have let slip by, one child who is crying over having completed the wrong assignment for her math class, another with a fever. The dog needed to go out, tea and coffee needed to be made, a construction crew is jackhammering outside my kitchen window and every single charger is missing while every phone and computer needed for the day is about to shut down. Its only 9 o'clock. 

How can you guard your heart and soul in the inevitable hustle and busy seasons that stretch before you, and that you currently find yourself in? How can you maintain an active mind and a sure strength for such times? 

 Sally and I are at it again, and so excited to share part two of our series on Foundations for Flourishing, looking at ways we can keep our own souls alive so that we can thrive in our everyday. My favorite quote from Sally this episode is something she has echoed to her own children (and me!) for years:

"Let your soul shine from the treasures you have stored inside through your eyes that smile and your face that shows love, so that you can bring light to all who are in your world!" 

We have been so overwhelmed by your response and encouragement and are so thankful you are joining us each week. To make it easier for you to subscribe, we're just calling it The Kristen and Sally Show. You can listen here on your computer or mobile device by just clicking "play" below or you can subscribe to our feed on iTunes right here.

Thank you for being here with us. I'm praying that Grace stretches before each of us today,

xx Kristen