MomHeart Podcast Episode 2 With Sally Clarkson: Foundations for Flourishing in the Everyday

 I love this picture. My feet are snuggled in my favorite boots and I'm standing with a latte in hand in one of my favorite places- the yard of Princeton University. I have always loved learning, and I've never felt like I took enough advantage of my own University experience- its been left wanting. Its a dream of mine to go back to school when my kids are a little older and each fall, after we pick our pumpkins and navigate the corn maze, feed the farm animals and walk through the village, that dream catches fire in me again as I stand in this very spot year after year. 

 I think its hard for many of us who are moms to consider the dreams we hold in our hearts, isn't it? Because when we're raising a crew of kids and in the mad rush of their seasons, and classes and all the change and laundry and dinners on the table, it can feel selfish. I'm embarrassed sometimes to tell all my girlfriends that what I dream of is a life spent in libraries, poured over poetry and literature and art history. We can forget as we care for our families that our dreams matter, and that as we secure their happy days, the most valuable resource we have to offer them is a flourishing mother.

 Sally and I are talking about just this thing on our podcast today. These words from her struck a chord, "A mother must plan how she will fill her own heart, soul, mind and strength as she is the most important factor in helping her family to flourish. If a woman is not filled, she will not be able to accomplish all of those great plans or build healthy relationships or mentor her children."

So how are you filling your own heart, soul, mind and strength? If God has instructed us to love him with ALL these things, then we need to recognize that they are areas of our lives that deserve our attention and cultivation. 

We'd love to have you listen along and join us as we discuss the Heart and Soul of a mother today on the MomHeart Podcast. You can use the player right here or find us HERE on iTunes. 

Thankful to be along on the journey with you,

xx Kristen