Feathered Finds {Gifts for Mamas with UncommonGoods}

I'm convinced that there is never going to be an "easy" season of motherhood. There are the days that seem to go by in a blur and without consequence, others that hold immense struggle, through circumstances or will, more still that give me such great pride and laughter, and yet always there is an echo of how far we have come, seasons we have laid to rest as our children have grown and as we have grown along with them. Our lives transforming into something new and beautiful and perhaps unexpected.

My current days feel unexpected. I had no notion of what it would actually look like to be a mom to teenagers, to have people who have deep convictions and preferences that are not always like my own living under my roof. I had no idea that I could feel so strong and so vulnerable in the very same moment, that in days  so full they are nearly bursting, I would still feel like it was never enough. That there is no amount of time that will ever be enough to enjoy these people that call me mom. 

Motherhood is so crazy messy and so beautiful, I often can't comprehend all the directions of my own heart in the thick of it. But I do know that it is so very worthy of celebrating. If you are a mama, your family is probably making plans for next Sunday....asking you what you might like to do, where you might like to have brunch. You are probably nodding your head and saying things like, "Oh you guys, I don't need a thing!" Or maybe you're way better at being honest than I am and you know exactly what you'd like and help your family out with all the details. (I want to be like you when I grow up!) 

For both camps, and all the rest of the mamas in between, I'm teaming up with UncommonGoods for today's Friday Finds Edition to share some Mother's Day Gift ideas (And a giveaway!) I adore this company. It is so rare to find a brand that is working so intentionally to support and provide a platform for local artists and designers (over half of what they sell is made by hand!), and has such a commitment to products made ethically in the USA. All sales at UncommonGoods also supports non-profits, including one of my favorites, City Harvest, which is on a mission to end hunger in communities throughout NYC through food rescue, distribution and education. I love that they cultivate beauty within and then spill it all over the city (and beyond.) Kind of like moms.

You can click on each of my picks in the gallery below for a run down of why I'm swooning over them, how I use them in my home what makes them each unique. There's also a handy link for you to click on over to the UncommonGoods site to explore and shop for all their great gifts for mom yourself. 

In the thick of crazy days and years and seasons, beauty really does cut right in and make itself at home. I hope you feel that deeply this Mother's Day and are able to carve out even a small string of minutes to reflect on what brings you joy, what brings you life and the sacred work of how you are offering a life poured out to your family. 

Enjoy sweet friends,



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