Outdoor Dreaming

Our little family is moving into a new apartment next month. Its sunny and bright and will suit us beautifully. . . but my favorite thing about it? It has a lovely large terrace off the living room. Its spacious enough to really extend our space outdoors and give us room to lounge and eat meals and enjoy company in the fresh air. I want to transform it into our own urban oasis of sorts, a place my children love to be. And I see it full of plants and candlelight and fluffy pillows. We have two outdoor chairs ready for a transformation and I'm on the hunt for a bench seat that can be positioned in the corner and a small table to center them all around. For the first time in five years I'm also on the hunt for potted plants (squee!) 

As an ode to Spring, and the promise of warmth to come to those of us in the north, here's some of my favorites inspiring my outdoor dreams. I'm also posting more ideas for our new place and all my home decor fantasies over at Pinterest. Happy Wednesday!