Homeschooling With Life, Grace and Excellence Part 2 {A New MomHeart Podcast}

A very real look into the reality of our days. Legos and letters and dog tails wagging are all part of normal life around here.

I feel most like myself on the floor of my living room. Projects swirling around me, my children sprawled on their tummies or tucked into corners of the couches reading books, and something simmering in the kitchen. I love to putter and fluff pillows and talk and play in our cozy space. Finding our homeschool rhythm has never come easily, and it often changes as my children grow and enter new seasons. I've often wondered if I would be able to keep going, if I should keep going, and if I was doing it all ok. 

There have been so many times in my years of mothering when I have been tempted to listen to the strong, loud, and convicted voices of others around me. The ones who tried to convince me that a particular curriculum or school or program would resolve all my fears and produce a desired result in my children.

I wish it was that easy. But, as in all of life, homeschooling is messy. There are no tidy answers.

There are however, some sure foundational principles to build on, and to see come to life in your home, your culture and the personalities in your family.

So how can a mother who is questioning, learning, pouring out, and who is in all likelihood also quite exhausted walk in faith and authority to care for her own babes? To teach them, to train them, and to delight in them? Sally and I are thrilled to be sharing about this topic today on our podcast.

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xx Kristen