Grow Together


So. . . Marriage. The great adventure that has changed me and been one constant in all the courses and seasons of my adult life.

After fifteen years ? We love to say we “grew up together” because in so many areas of maturity, this is true!  We have  experienced extreme sadness and disappointment in our circumstances and in one another, as well as greater joy together than we had ever known apart.  We have changed in our appearance and tastes, even in our desires for the future, but somehow by God’s will, we are walking as “Heirs in the Grace of Life” side by side.  As life wears thin in patches and the inevitable stress and difficulties come, each of us, makes a choice. And whether you married young or old, your capacity and strength to choose well will define your future.

 Will we grow together or will we grow apart? Will we keep building something beautiful, or choose our own way? 

Marriage isn’t passive. Marriage might actually be the fight of your life.

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