What's For Dinner?

The question that has haunted me for so long each and every day is often. . . . "Hey mom, what's for dinner?" 

I would love to tell you that being organized, having a plan of action and whipping up beautiful dishes is something that comes naturally to me, but the reality is that cooking three meals a day for a family of six wears me out. I've tried so many ways to streamline my kitchen time, collected a myriad of cookbooks and amassed so many yummy recipes on pinterest, but its still so hard for me to bring all the pieces together. 

Today, I'm sharing over at The Better Mom about what's working for our family right now and what I LOVE about the Whole Foods Bi-Weekly Meal plan put together by my friend Kelly at The Nourishing Home. I feel like I have gained the skills of a nutritionist and family logistics expert in the meal plans that are available and I am also spending a third less on our grocery bill! 

If you're looking for a way to simplify and be able to focus on JOY at the dinner table, I can not recommend this resource enough. Did I mention its absolutely FREE? Come find out all about this offering of grace intended to help mamas thrive. You can read all about it HERE.