Celebrating New York in Film with The Amazing Spiderman 2

Sometimes New York just feels magical.

Being invited to join the press line on the Red Carpet for The Amazing Spider Man 2  Premiere was definitely one of those magical moments!  I love that the Amazing Spiderman series is quintessential New York. This story was born here, and watching the film at the premiere, my girls and I were just as giddy to see scenes from our city on the big screen as we were the stars of the movie in person.

Giddy was basically just how we approached heading to the Red Carpet in general. Evidence below:

When we arrived, we were given our VIP passes and seated in the bleachers with other bloggers and fans. There were T-shirts and masks being passed out, cotton candy and Spiderman water bottles- Sony did an amazing job taking care of everyone and  getting us all excited for the show to come! 

We sat next to family that was there with the Make a Wish Foundation, whose son's dream was to meet Spiderman. He was dressed as the superhero himself and was so full of energy and excitement! We were so honored to be able to talk with them and see how their family story and son's wish were all wrapped up in the story of this movie. 

Giving back to the community seemed to be a common theme of this premiere- Andrew Garfield arrived in a school bus packed with students from a school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. These kids had devoted hours volunteering in the city, and as a reward the actor had surprised them at school and accompanied them to the red carpet. How cool is that? 

spiderman 2.JPG

We ended up being whisked away so we wouldn't miss the show before the big names came down the carpet, and it was worth every moment of waiting!  Views of our city's skyline from Spiderman's vantage point brought magic to the screen, the special effects, particularly of the scene where Jamie Foxx's villain emerges in Times square were incredible! The characters in this franchise are particularly endearing- and the ending left us all reeling. This installment is really not to be missed because it is so pivotal in the tale of Peter Parker.

We left with a renewed love Spidey, for New York, and especially New York celebrated in film. There is nothing quite like recognizing your neighborhood, or favorite haunts as the backdrop for your favorite superhero to swing through or save the world. This story, like our own, was made in this city.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 opens this weekend, don't miss it!