Have You Entered the Silent Years of Parenting?

Somewhere after diapers but before going out alone to the movies with friends, discussions about parenting took a turn...

Somewhere along the way we all started sharing less. 

The fervor to share all that we had experienced in our new days as parents was replaced by silence as our children grew into their tween and teen years. Perhaps as we grow in parenting, we learn that we never really knew as much as we thought we did, perhaps as children grow and struggle or even voice negative opinions, we don’t feel deserving of sharing much of anything. Perhaps we parents of older kids simply want to honor their privacy and to share our questions or concerns feels like a terrible breach of their trust.

Right now? I'm in the thick of the Silent Years.

Today, I'm sharing some ideas for connection, accountability and hope over at For The Family. I'd love it if you joined me there.

So thankful to have you along with me,