Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day With Jennifer Garner {and a Movie Giveaway!}

We all have those days. The ones we want to just put to sleep. The ones filled with alligator tears, with unimaginable mishaps, with impossibilities that make us feel like the universe is conspiring against us! 

Here are a few snippets from some of mine.


On the left, meet Maia and Jones circa 2007. They hid in the bookshelf. My pregnant self fell asleep on the clock and couldn't find them anywhere. We missed their big sister's piano lesson, burned dinner and were a puddle of tears by the time daddy got home. . . . but hey, we have a really adorable picture now.

On the right? These are my little sweeties in 2010. Daddy was out of town and mommy decided to take on big projects in the apartment. This was after our third trip to Home Depot to buy supplies to repair my "improvements." I thought buying a plant would make me feel better- instead it made us a pariah to all cab drivers and we waited here, hungry (albeit together) for nearly an hour while a street parade barred us from public transportation. Fun times.


This right here? This was our best attempt at taking a Christmas card photo back in 2009. Family closeness right there guys. I have no words. . . 

Perhaps that is why we resonated with this movie so so much! We all adore one another around here, but we struggle to walk through those days where everything seems like its against us. It was charming to see another family who love one another and are for one another experience a level of crazy all of us can understand. We laughed out loud....a lot.

After the screening, we had the joy of getting to talk to Jennifer Garner about life, motherhood and making movies. She is so delightful and was laser focused on making the kids in the room feel special. Her wise words on how to make it through a bad day? Be okay with feeling lots of things at once. Its ok to feel sad about moving on from something you loved, and also be excited about what is new.

And that messy tension is what makes movies like this full of such beauty. Our own bad days always hold hope all swirled together with the mess- and sometimes we can't see the grace, or beauty or hilarity in those moments until we look back on them later. 

Clinging to grace and a little laughter today too sweet friends,



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