The Heart of A List Maker

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I am a list maker. It can’t be helped. I keep track of life through pages and pages of notebooks and to-do lists and half- used journals. Upon our recent move, I was faced with three, yes three full boxes of  leather bound tomes to lug to our new apartment. The movers might have given me a few eye rolls, but these babies are my treasures! Here’s why: I will never scrapbook. I get itchy just thinking about how to print my bazillion photos from the last 12 years. How on earth could I ever catch up and write stories and create borders to match at this point? I can’t.I’ve tried.

Sometime after my third child was born, a new kind of memory keeping began for me. I’d love to share it with you in case, like me, you long to have a record of how you build into your days,  but wonder where to begin or how to journal about your family life simply.

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