Trick-or- Treat For UNICEF and Disney's Laura Marano!

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Halloween has got to be one of my very favorite holidays- especially in New York. Its always been a sweet time for our family to connect with neighbors while we walk together or share cider, love on kids that otherwise wouldn't likely knock on our door, and ooh and ahh at the creativity of kiddos walking past us on the street. In New York, there seem to be block parties everywhere, streets where neighborhood associations have blocked off traffic so kids can walk safely... and these groups go ALL OUT to make it a great adventure for kids. I found myself overwhelmed by the gift they gave our kids this year- one group of guys dressed as mad scientists had even set up a table with glowing "potions" and slime for the kids to play with and they looked truly delighted by the experience! Other folks had decorated the fronts of brownstones to the all made for such a fun night! 

This year, was also special because we were Trick- or- Treating with a cause! We were so honored to get to kick off the celebration with a focus on helping under priveleged children alongside one of our favorite Disney stars- Laura Marano! We joined The Moms and other bloggers at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC to teach our children about how they can be empowered to help other kids on Halloween by raising funds for UNICEF's programs that provide clean water, nutrition, immunizations and education to children around the world. I was so moved by the message UNICEF shared and loved watching my own children come alive to the reality that they had the ability to do something to help others in a simple way. To learn more about UNICEF's programs and how you can get involved, click on the logo below and join us! Hope you had a great Halloweenie!



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