Winter Workout Playlist


New Resolutions

A new year often brings a new incentive to get fit, get moving, and get healthy. My own fitness goals are near the top of my list for 2014. After over two years of facing big physical challenges and illness, I have never been so excited about my recovery and I can honestly say for the first time in my life- I love to get moving! For my own routine, I mix in yoga, a variety of workout videos at home, and for cardio I love to bike the loop in Central Park. This winter I'm learning to love running, but it takes some serious discipline to get out in the cold and go for it. Can anyone relate? If you're like me, slowly stepping back after injury into this world of exercise or maybe making your first small steps toward a healthier life, I think we need eachother. You need to know this new discipline can actually be really fun and life-giving and that you are not alone. You might even need some tools to help you enjoy fitness along the way (I know I do!)

Motivation to Move

My playlist was my game-changer.  I can start pumping this mix when I'm getting ready to go or when I'm feeling sluggish and not sure about following through with the time I've set aside for a workout. This music is a total kick-back to my 16 year old self, full of old favorites (Marky Mark, anyone!?) and some new classics. I have amended all the versions shared below to be profanity free, but its not super tame (sorry mom!) 

I hope that it can be a fun addition to help get you moving with me in the New Year! Share your journey with me on Instagram or twitter by tagging @kristenkill or using the hashtag #getitdone I would be so very honored to cheer you on and celebrate your success with you in 2014!

Just click the links to the whole playlist or individual songs below