Childhood Nostalgia, Sparkles, Plaids and a Great Cause {Annie on Broadway!}

Growing up in a small town and not being one to excel in athletics (ahem), I fell in love with the theatre at a young age. There was just nothing like being backstage, butterflies all swirly in your stomach, mom, dad and grandparents waiting to see you on stage- so many hours of commraderie and silliness and really hard work coming together to tell a story for the packed house.

I was a newly minted eight year old when I sang and danced in the chorus for my first show- Annie. I knew every line, loved every minute and day-dreamed of New York in the 30s. My own kids have of course seen the movie (Singing It’s a Hard Knock Life is pretty much how they make through chore time!), but I never dreamed they’d be able to see it live on Broadway! 

What a treat when I learned it was being revived and that we were invited to see it in preview by our friends, The Moms. It was magical. My children loved seeing the story they knew so well brought to life in front of them- the scenes of New York, particularly, were excellent and a wonderful display for the coming holidays. We likely won’t make the Rockettes show this year, but felt that we’d been able to celebrate just the same with the festive atmosphere Annie provided.

My whole family agreed that Ms. Hannegan is still our favorite character (so full of life and sass!)- but the dog who played “Sandy” came in a close second! The show did run a bit long, so for very young children who would certainly love the show too, a matinee might be a good option unless you can sleep in the next day! There aren’t a lot of surprises or new twists, but for parents wanting to share the magic of a show they loved as children with their own kids, Annie is a must see. 

We were also so thrilled to be able to partner with The Children’s Place who were so kind to deck out the kids in some of their great new holiday fashions (think sparkles and plaids!) for the show!! It was all to bring attention to a cause The Children’s Place, The Moms and Annie on Broadway are investing in: The Pajama Program, an initiative to support and provide pajamas to underpriveldged children in our city. Theatre go-ers can take part in this program as well by bringing new pajamas with them to the show and using the drop off box in the lobby. What better way to respond to the “Annie’s” in our own city that to help them feel warm and cozy at bedtime this holiday?  All the information about the Pajama Program, Annie on Broadway and the newest holiday line from The Children’s Place can be seen in the reel above (including cameos by my own fab- four!)

Disclaimer:I was not paid for this post, however I was provided with tickets to Annie for review purposes and outfits for each of my children compliments of The Children’s Place. As always, all opinions are my own.