Garden Journey


We are staying in Washington State for a good chunk of the month of July and with my mom’s amazing garden just out the door, I thought I’d use the opportunity to inspire a bit of nature study. I thought that beyond enjoying the garden, it would be wonderful for the children to really know the flowers and plants around them. So we are spending some time identifying and classifying the garden this week.


I took simple pictures of her garden and had them printed. Then I had Jones glue them onto cardstock and we hole punched them each in the corner and attached them with a basic ring available at office supply stores. With our field guide, we are identifying each plant or flower by its English and Latin name and writing it on the back side of the picture on the card stock. I’ll have Halle classify them after this and use the cards with everyone when we go outside to play and indoors as a memory game on the floor.


I think this is something I can do when we get back to the city as well, even with shrubs and trees in the neighborhood, that would help the children to know and experience their surroundings more fully. I’m wondering how else I could apply the concept too…perhaps taking pictures of some of our favorite neighborhood haunts and having the children write memories about time spent at each on the cards? Or extending writing into other genres and creating a review of the places they visit, and cataloging them to share with visitors and local friends? I’m excited about how simple and enjoyable this is for all of us. How could you use this idea where you live?