Rainy Day Dim Sum


Our little band of adventurers….Shawna, Kate, David, Wesley, and our family

Have any of you read the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy? There is a young couple in the last book in the series who chase weather, they love to be out in the elements, experiencing the wind whishing through their hair and on their cheeks, drops of rain pelting them, waking them even from a dull drum day. Every time I read that book I think I would love to have them as friends. 

Winter and early Spring have afforded heaps of rainy days in New York.  Saturdays and rain seem like an invitation to stay inside and snuggle, but we have had our hearts set on adventure. So when some good friends (who love weather too!) called and suggested we explore Chinatown for some traditional Dim Sum, we leapt off the floor in a flash and headed off in a cab. A cab, because quite honestly, it was too wet and windy to walk for the small babes. Hence the real adventuring feel.

We ate at the Golden Unicorn, and although I forgot to take pictures of that part of our adventure (the friends and the weather were my favorite parts anyway) it was yummy. Banquet style tables are set up while several waiters bring carts of food for you to pick from. Kind of like a buffet, Chinese style. Afterwards, the rain was letting up and we captured some fun pictures of our walk through the neighborhood. Here are the highlights:


Such good friends


silly girl!




Clearly not used to having her picture taken! hehe


Beyond thankful for this girl!


Again, L is completely unaware of the camera…


essence of cuteness


catching the sights on the way home