Explorer Celebration


 In the Spring, we celebrate our littlest duo, Jones and Lael! With birthdays one day after the next, we celebrated with a joint party this year in honor of our in-house Dora and Diego. Do your kids love those programs as much as mine do? I think the sense of adventure lures them in and I love all that they learn (Spanish! Counting! Sequence of Events!) That franchise has sold me for sure.

We had our own Explorer Party and transformed our apartment into the jungle, with a Creature Corner for crafting animals, a Jewel Valley for making sparkly necklaces, and an Animal Rescue Station for mending wild critters. Our cake mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the party, but luckily Halle had discovered clues to recover it and led our explorers on a treasure hunt to bring it back to enjoy! 

It was such a gift to host sweet friends and mark the day of Jones turning five and Lael turning three. We are so thankful for their presence in our family, for the privledge to steward them well and for the opportunity to know them. They each enrich the life of our family in ways we are only beginning to put words to. Happy Birthday Little Explorers!


Looking at Animal Rescue through the vines of the Jungle…


Our ‘Dora’ who insisted on wearing plaid shorts…she’s legit.Explorers checking the map on their hunt to recover the lost birthday cake!


The discovery of a clue!


sweet Kate in Jewel ValleyBlessed by the generosity of sweet friends!


feasting!Ending the day with a new Dora doll. Please note the continued insistance on wearing plaid shorts!