Entering Rest

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I scury. I really do. I become occupied with my fears and the endless practicals before me and I forget to fill my mind with what will sustain me and transform my approach to it all.

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But by grace, I sometimes get shaken and reminded of what really matters at my core…the deep stuff surfaces when I am usually just coasting along.

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This week brought injury {the scary kind you pray will never happen: Josh was hit by a car riding his bike home! With that came fear, and many, many tears wrung out of small {and larger} eyes and hearts.

Bodies were left feeling ragged and worn and feeling like it had all been just too much this time.

But we were met with grace. 

Color poured in and we could rest, at the time when rest seemed most impossible.


We were brought to that depth of needing to remember what is really most important of all, and what needs to be set aside. I was certainly not coasting anymore. 

And the wild, wonderful beauty of it all is that we can be comforted and have freedom to rest. I really cling to that in weeks like these. We can really drink in peace and still. This is where those times of quiet, of meditation, of just being together change us.

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And so this is what we have been doing. Resting. Dancing in the sheer joy of sunshine and autumn leaves and loving one another the best we can. 

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