Lasting Oil

Scents of cinnamon and coffee grounds fill our kitchen…candle light beyond small faces wakens us in the morning time. Small hands longing to be big…ask to help. 

Its simple today, toast and cinnamon, fresh peaches lugged home from the farmer’s market…creamy milk. Warm and crisp slices popping and little hands pull out the butter to let it soak in and melt…its never quite right until its gooey on a morning like this.

Little hands wipe quickly across a new sweet shirt…oils stain…”Oh no Mama!”

I am disappointed, wondering how to remove the oil that is always so stubborn and so lasting, smiling all the while and trying to calm a little heart that adores being fancy. And as I kiss her little head I remember when we placed oil on her brow. The promise of dedication, an annointing to be set apart by God….a lasting promise. 

And so this is how we are led into good stuff of the day…talking about laundry and lasting stains and lasting promises and the beautiful picture of oil and butter and our God’s delight in the small things. We smile and drink and crunch on our cinnamon toast. And the air is a little sweeter and we are all covered in crumbs.