Poetry in Math


J and M working on descriptive words for their Haikus

This week to breathe life into our math studies, we learned about proportions in art, nature and the measure of music. We also spent time reading and studying the patterns of Limmericks and Haikus. In case you haven’t reviewed lately, an Haiku is a  Japanese traditional, non-rhyming three line poem that usually describes some aspect of the natural world. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the third repeats with 5 again. Before we gave it a shot with our own compositions, I printed off photos from hikes and outings over the years for inspiration…and my older three kiddos took this oh so very seriously.

Here is the beautiful work they came up with:

In  the deep forest 

Rocks and clear water flow

Always beautiful.


Blue and white together

Waves swirling in the ocean

This is foamy water.


Thousands and thousands 

Slick slick rocks in the ocean

Water in between.