An ever growing list, these are some of my favorite books and resources we actually use in our home.


On Family Life

The Hidden Art of Homemaking 

This book has cast vision for beauty and home again and again. I pull it off the shelves as a constant resource and re-read annually.

For the Children's Sake 

Highly recommended by one of my favorite authors.

For the Children's Sake 

This book was an absolute game changer in our own education about learning and school for our children. I keep loaning out every copy I own.

Educating the Whole Hearted Child 

Seemingly all about education, this book actually gave us a blue-print for family life unlike any other book we've known. Personal favorite.

Grace Based Parenting

A necessary voice for this generation of parents. Josh and I heard the Kimmels speak this fall and were so blessed- we also laughed until our sides hurt! One of the most down to earth perspectives I've come across.

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Why Gender Matters 

This book has exploded and transformed the way I relate to my son. Research based, true and essential. A must read for parents of boys and girls alike.

The Mission of Motherhood 

This is what I give to every new mom in my life. Wish I had found it earlier. It casts the vision for a faith filled, Kingdom changing life for families. Written by my dear friend and much loved mentor, Sally Clarkson.

Wise Words for Moms 

Ours hangs in the kitchen.

Wild Things 

One of my favorites on raising sons.


The Meaning of Marriage

My favorite book on marriage, written by our wonderful pastor. We also listen to the sermon series that inspired the book on CD about once a year, available at 

Sacred Marriage

Another worn favorite. We were so blessed as newlyweds to attend church with Gary Thomas's family and be introduced to this book early on. A distinctive look at the purpose of marriage and its refining work in our hearts. 

On Theology, Community, Prayer and Living Well

The Hidden Art (of Homemaking)

Such a vision for beauty in a home and a life made of art here!

Mere Christianity


In the Name of Jesus

Quite possibly the best book I read last year, by one of my favorites, Henri Nouwen. About a life poured out in humble ways, instead of a platform established in public- it is a definitive work at the end of the career of a man I deeply admire.

Prodigal God

A beautiful and transformative teaching about the parable of the prodigal, christian community and the God who loves abundantly.

Bonhoffer- Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

One of the most inspiring biographies my husband and I have ever read.

Hannah Coulter

The depiction of community here awes me.

Our Town

I read this play annually. It stikes a chord in me to live fully alive each day. Gripping.

The Tapestry

One of the most profound works about the lives of two people who have deeply impacted our own: Francis and Edith Schaeffer. 

Gift from the Sea

I re-read this book every summer and ponder the wonder of my own life as a woman. Written by one of my favorite authors, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, married to aviator, Charles Lindbergh, this mother of five has much wisdom to share.

Circle of Quiet

Beautiful thoughts on life and writing by one of my favorite authors, Madeline L'Engle.

On Homeschooling

A Charlotte Mason Companion

This is the book I return to, again and again for inspiration and wisdom. A beautiful and poetic picture to breathe life into any home school.

The Original Homeschooling Series

A six book series written educational reformer, Charlotte Mason. Her schools revolutionized education in England during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. An intrinsic classical approach, full of literature and art, reading this series is like going to teacher's college. Thick, but worthy of your time.

The Educated Child

A wonderful handbook for parents educating children in school or at home, giving subject by subject and grade by grade guidelines for a beautiful education.

Ambleside Online

This site is my guide to curriculum. We used to be purists, but now it is a skeleton for how we make things fit. Absolutely amazing resources- all free!


Simple Homeschool

I absolutely adore this site. Jamie Martin and Tsh Oxenrider have created a haven for homeschoolers who are thirsting for real learning and relationships with their children. A must read.

Playful Learning

An absolutely delightful book full of activities to nourish the minds and souls of parents and students alike.

Handwriting Without Tears

We adore this program. From preschool to 5th grade, it is unbelievable. The best I've seen for handwriting, grammar and word study.

Teaching Textbooks

Saved our sanity in math education. I love this program.

Don't Forget to Write

My favorite Writing instruction book for Elementary aged children. Absolutely so much fun for creative work and to get you out of the slump.

Writing With Ease

Beautiful, easy approach to teaching writing using great selections from classic literature. We use this daily.

The Three R's

I always feel encouraged and equipped reading Ruth Beechick's no-nonsense approach to teaching. Practical and wise.

The Natural Speller

All you need for spelling- ever. Word study, roots, homonymns, synonyms and antonyms, and all the lists are grouped by grade and by spelling rule. Amazing.