Book of Days

Original Post from August 2008

I am a list maker. I keep track of life through pages and pages of notebooks and to-do lists and journals. Last winter I saw the idea online (although I have NO idea where...sorry if the original creator of this concept is out there receiving zero credit) to make these lists pretty. I dug through lots of old catalogs and clipped and glued into a blank journal. It was a pretty beginning that I added to with little doodles.
I leave this book out on the counter in my kitchen and record any special happenings inside...cute things the kids say, things I want to remember (make doctor's socks) and then I have a handy space for what tends to tumble out of my mind. Here is a close-up of a day in April:


The joy of doing this is to have something beautiful to look at,because I jot things down all day. I think we often have to choose beauty, to find interesting ways to create and surround ourselves with things that make us happy and that we feel cozy around...finding true beauty in small things is important to me.
It also keeps things together (I am famous for losing things, just ask my mother in law) and most importantly, it serves as a recored for how we are spending our days around here. I have a feeling that in 30 years, I am going to LOVE reading what we ate for dinner and who I wrote a thank you note to and that my kids played monopoly and giggled like crazy...
Life is happening with a great hum all day long and I don't want to miss the small things...or forget them when I am all wrinkly.