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Gosh, I'm honored that you've stopped in here. I'm a wife, a mother of four, a writer and a New Yorker. I live far from family and the geography that feels comfortable to me, and so I've become passionate about cultivating deep roots in a city that feels worlds away from the soil of home. Nothing ties me to a place quite like its stories and so I started this blog to tell mine. I spent years overseas in Asia and Europe, and I my life as a missionary in those days launched my wanderlust and and inspired my adventure seeking heart. I'm crazy about subways and urban grids, hot dog stands and take-out. Don't even get me started on my obsession with Italian Ice (Shout out to my people at Ralph's!)


So with wide eyes, our family moved to Manhattan, in 2010 for my husband's job as Director of Platform and Product at Squarespace. We had crazy dreams of living and serving and carving out a haven in a harried metro center. What we didn't count on was coming face to face with our own harried hearts and an even greater need to find rest and a true home in Christ. Its been a wild ride!

I love to go slow and think deep. I love people something fierce, but I crave time alone with candles and espresso and all my books. I would be happy spending all my life inside of museums- I'm a bit of a nerd about culture and art and history. I have dreams of going to grad school when my babies are grown.

I'm more surprised than anyone that I homeschool my children, but my love of learning has found a home in our days of exploring the world together.

I've been married since I was 20, became a mom shortly after and sometimes I can't believe that I am a grown up. I never feel more like myself than when I'm in an airport and on the move, and so there are days when I struggle through the tasks of laundry and homework and dinner time, repeat.

But, in my wrestling to find beauty in the mundane, I've discovered something sacred: an opportunity to paint my brush all over my corner of the world and create something lovely for those who dwell here and those we welcome in. Making a home has become my art.

Hope With Feathers

The posts here are much like the conversations I'd love to have with you around my table. I write about how grace has changed the focus and lens of my life and all about the beauty of making a home, cooking yummy food, parenting and homeschooling a crew of kids in a big city context. I share thoughts on faith, and all the social causes, books, art and ideas I can't stop talking about in real life.

I write a lot about beauty in the everyday and in the unexpected, especially when I'm struggling. In the midst of busy rhythms, and also in pain or grief, I'm convinced that when we seek after beauty, especially together, we'll find it. Every time. And when we find beauty, we find hope...and girls? Hope Sings. That Emily Dickinson knew what she was talking about.

The Perch

Because this is the Big Apple, there are lots of fun opportunities to share about outings we enjoy as a family, what's new in fashion, in cool gear, in toys and in entertainment. So much is spinning in this city and I love sharing with you about what I see from my little New York Perch.

You can also find me working as the Editor and mentoring the writers of The Better Mom, where women write and share about how to be better moms, together, as the Content Editor at I Take Joy with Sally Clarkson, as a contributor for 3 Things for Mom, and Blue Glass Homeschool Magazine. My work has appeared in various publications, devotionals for moms, and on radio across the United States.